Our Electromagnetic Energy System Is Interconnected To The Electromagnetic Universal Flow

Our Human Biology > Human Technology Are One: We are becoming more aware that our human biology and human technology are one, and that our electromagnetic energy system is intricately interconnected with the electromagnetic universe and flow.  Chakras – Energy System > Meridians – Flow: Our mental, emotional and physical body is made up of energy chakras, which are like radio stations that are interconnected with our energy channels and flow called Meridians. Our chakras and meridians pass through all our major organs such as: heart, lungs, stomach, liver and kidneys, which can have a big impact on our health and wellbeing. Thoughts Are Electric > Emotions Are Like Frequencies: Current research shows that our thoughts are electric and our emotions are like frequencies, and that information, thoughts and feelings transmit and channel through our electromagnet energy system and flow, giving off a vibration. Many of us can be on a low frequency and vibration, tuned in to Negative-FM!, feeling sad, worrying or angry, or switched on and tuned in to Positive-FM, on a higher energy, feeling strong, confident and happy. 

The 3 Brains – The Head > The Heart Mind > The Gut Instinct:  Our 3 brains, the head, the heart and our gut instinct all synergistically work together. Our Heart Is Our Electromagnetic Processor: Our heart being our electromagnetic processor, when we become aware of our emotions, learning to process through life experience, we upgrade our bright response software on our internal hard drive and operating system. Like Transmitters And Receivers: Developing our emotional awareness, heart mind intelligence and our ability to respond, we can power our intention, changing the channel, switching on and tuning in to positive FM,  appreciation FM, gratitude FM, kindness and Love FM! Where The Mind Goes The Energy flows: Transmitting positive frequencies, it is said that 432 Hz is the natural frequency of the universe, the cosmic channel to tune in to for healing powers and to increase our energy flow. Supporting our ability to co-create and manifest what we want to attract in to our life.

Human Biology – The Head > Our Old Reactive Caveman Software > Freeze, Flight, Fight & Fawn

Now we understand how powerful our human technology is, let’s now look at our human biology and stress, and how many of us can get stuck in our heads, exercising our old reactive caveman software, Freeze, Flight, Fight and Fawn.

Q: So What Is Stress? There are many myths around stress and its effects, an invisible force that as now become a greater part of our everyday life. However, the fact remains that without some stress none of us would even get out of bed!.

Stress can be seen as how we; deal with our thoughts, feelings and emotions, our energy in motion,

When; experiencing the demands, pressures, problems, issues, challenges or even adversity in life

Learning to; React or Respond

Kinds Of Stress: Financial stress can be the most challenging stress for adults, the day to day workload, employment, finding a career and purpose. There are only so many hours in the day, and there is the need to run the home, maintain relationships, support the family, provide for children, and realize your own potential as a fully rounded person.  This can feel like a great demand! Children can experience sibling rivalry, bullying at school and education with all its expectations. Family difficulties can lead to a broken home, experiencing separation, disconnection and trauma developing fears we can carry into the future, leading many of us to often feel anxious, easily overwhelmed and consumed by life’s stress and everyday pressures.

External Circumstances: such as a loss of a friend or family member, a physical accident or illness, can lead to managing medication and high levels of stress. Reactions to stress can lead to seeking pleasure through alcohol or drugs, and can lead to abuse and addiction, mental health challenges, loss of hope, direction, homelessness or even prison, with many people getting lost in the system.

Fear & Stress > Our Old Reactive Caveman Software: Stress has been around since Caveman. When hunting to survive and feed the family, experiencing a potential threat or danger from the sabre tooth tiger or the woolly mammoth, experiencing a physical reaction to Freeze, Flight or Fight, the caveman would have deal with the fearstress and great pressure in order to get its next meal.

Freeze: To shut down when overwhelmed by a situation – To get eaten up by the situation.

Flight: To run away from a situation, struggling to manage or confront a problem, issue or challenge.

Fight: To physically confront the situation, losing control of your frustration or anger.

Fawn: Another reaction in today’s world is Fawn; To people please, to appease somebody, to give your control to an external circumstance or force.

Learning To Stay In Control: Looking back in time, the caveman would learn to move from reaction to response, developing their ability to respond when experiencing great stress and danger. Learning to stay calm and present, using strength, strategy and skills to overcome the challenge of the sabre tooth tiger, they would successfully harness the skills to live, hunt and survive and feed the family. Even though in today’s world there is no sabre tooth tiger, it’s a good analogy to realize no matter how great the stress and pressures are in life we can learn to stay in control, through emotional awareness, developing our ability to respond.

Technology Information Age: Through the world of information, communication technology, things are moving faster than ever before. Mobile phones and devices give us instant access to texting, emails, many social media platforms, applications, software and excessive processing. EMF’s Low Energy Electromagnetic Frequencies > Negative Stress: Unaware of the excessive exposure to EMF radiation that can have a zapping effect on our electromagnetic energy system and flow, causing negative stress and many negative reactions such as body voltage, electro-sensitivity, fatigue, poor concentration and more.

Technology – Negatology > Negative Influence. There is no doubt that “negatology” as I like to call it, the negative influence and impact of technology since 1990’s, video games such as grand theft auto, movies glorifying crime, violence,  fear, trauma, alcohol and drugs, aggressive music with negative lyrics and more, is having a huge impact on human biology, human technology and behaviour today, a big contribution to youth stress and impacting family values.

‘Virus Of The Mind’ a 1996 audio by Richard Brodie, an America computer programmer who worked at Microsoft, shares perspective on the science of the Meme and how powerful thought infections and mind viruses can be. The truth is, through the powerful influence of negatology, our human technology can be downloading viruses on to our internal hard drive and operating system.

Positive Stress can be taking on a mental task, in our education, going through a creative process to complete a project or taking on a physical challenge. A Positive Release Stress is learning to control, release and channel our emotional stress and physical energy positively, developing new skills, competing in athletics, martial arts or sports, learning to manage positive pressure, nervous energy, anxiety, emotions and high intensity, winning or overcoming a loss to learn and grow, going through the process to feel a sense of achievement, feeling positive, strong, confident and empowered. Like recycling our energy, we can experience a positive feedback loop that can inspire us to conquer our goals; whether in our careers, family-lives, a martial art or sporting life. The truth is stress is a perception and how we approach situations, whether it’s a problem, issue or a challenge, stress can be a powerful energy that can be harnessed, life’s negativity can be a fuel, a fuel that can drive us on, allowing us to learn, grow and develop positive skills for life.

If We Don’t Have A Positive Release For Stress, What Happens To Our Thoughts, Feelings And Emotions?

Where Do Our Emotions Go?

Stress Build-Up > Disruptions In Our Electromagnetic Energy System And The Flow > Negative Reactions To Stress

Without a positive release, without a process for stress, negative emotions such as fear, anxiety and anger can build up inside, causing disruptions and blocks in our electromagnetic energy system and flow. Experiencing many negative reactions such as feeling emotionally withdrawn, tense, tired, poor-concentration, loss of focus, fatigue and  disengagement. Negative reactions can show through our body language, many of us emotionally acting out, effecting our energy, attitude and behaviour, struggling to keep the lid on our emotions, passing on the way we feel.

Right Brain > Switching Off : Many of us growing up can become more dominantly in the left brain of logic and language more than in the right brain, which is more creative and activated through rhythm and movement. The right brain absorbs sensory information and is more connected to our hearts, successful at reasoning, managing our emotions, deeper issues and problem solving. In today’s technology age of excess information, stress and processing, through lack of movement and exercise, the right brain can switch off, many of us experiencing poor concentration, listening skills and memory and more dominant and stuck in the left brain.

Left Brain Dominant: Human Biology: Stuck in our heads, exercising 0ur Old Reactive Amygdala Brain> Caveman Software, we can struggle to access the Prefrontal Cortex Brain for critical thinking, allowing us to then connect with our heart space, developing our emotional awareness and heart-mind intelligence. Experiencing left brain dominance can lead to cognitive dissonance, often challenged to change our beliefs or behaviours, caught up in the world of think, fee, do, vulnerable to mind programming. Caught up in the self construct of the ego identity and mindset, absorbed by materialism. Activating Our Human Technology: The left hemisphere of the brain controls the right side of the body and the right hemisphere controls the left side of the body. Developing BoxWize since 1997, teaching the boxing fundamentals to control, release and channel emotional stress and physical energy positively, developing mind body connection, the key to activating our human technology.

Teaching the youth how to feel grounded, switching base, using both left and right stance, improving footwork and technique, we can learn to activate the senses and whole brain functionswitching on and tuning in. Helping to improve executive functioning skills, exercising mental tasks such as time management, planning, organization, self control with flexibility and perseverance. Brain Gym is a popular concept used to activate, switch on and tune in the mind-body connection, unblocking learning pathways in the brain.

Human Technology: The Laptop Analogy > Switching On, Tuning In!

Human Technology – The Heart > Upgrade The Bright Response Software On Your Internal Hard Drive And Operating System: When we have a positive release for stress through exercise, movement, a martial arts or sports, we can learn to activate our senses, switching on and tuning in to our human technology. The Laptop Analogy: The screen of the laptop is like our conscious mind, and under the keyboard is our internal hard drive and operating system, our electromagnetic energy system and flow. Improvement our physical movement and flow, we can upgrade our bright response software, learning to process our thoughts feelings and emotions, our energy in motion more ore successfully, developing our ability to respond.  When downloading information, data, images, videos and experience that can impact and powerfully influence our everyday life, we can learn chuck out the trash, delete, delete, process old files on our internal hard drive and memory, like healing. Getting our virus protection from external negative influences, allowing us to develop our heart mind intelligence, heart health and mental strength.

Chuck Out The Trash > Delete, Delete > Process Old Files > Like Healing, Clearing Our Internal Hard Drive And Operating System > Get A Virus Protection

The StressWize Guide will help support and guide you through the stress and pressures of life. Accessing the EnergyWize University Of Life 5 Steps To Success, products, service’s and online programs, inspiring you to activate your human technology, allowing to upgrade your bright response software on your internal hard drive and operating system, developing heart health and mental strength. Please go through the EnergyWize Waiver Release below.

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