Our Electromagnetic Energy System is Interconnected to The Electromagnetic Universal Flow

Our Human Biology & Human Technology Are One: We are becoming more aware that our human biology and human technology are one, and that our electromagnetic energy system is intricately interconnected with the electromagnetic universe and flow.  Our mental, emotional and physical body is made up of energy chakras, which are like radio stations that are interconnected with our energy channels and flow called Meridians. Current research shows that our thoughts are electric and our emotions are like frequencies, and that information, thoughts and feelings transmit and channel through our electromagnet energy system and flow. Our chakras and meridians pass through all our major organs such as: heart, lungs, stomach, liver and kidneys, which can have a large impact on our health and wellbeing.

Our Heart Is Our Electromagnetic Processor – We Are Transmitters & Receivers

We Have 3 Brains: The Head, Head-Mind, Gut Instinct: New studies also show that we have 3 brains that can all synergistically work together. The Head: Is the master of processes such as thinking, perception, cognition and language. The Heart: Is where we feel emotion, where we intrinsically process our deep emotions, develop our values and the way we feel about relationships. The Heart based language center’s on “I feel” or on the expression of the deep emotions and values that lie in the heart brain. The Gut Instinct: Here we find our core identity, also responsible for safety and protection. Our gut is extremely important in upholding our immune system, but it also takes care of self-preservation, fear, anxiety, mobility and action.

We can experience our gut instinct when we have a gut feeling, tuning into a situation, picking up negative or positive vibes or making an important decision from a gut feeling. We can experience our gut instinct when we have a gut feeling, tuning into a situation, picking up negative or positive vibes or making an important decision from a gut feeling.

Thoughts Are Electric, Emotions are Like Frequencies: Like transmitters and receivers, we can be tuned in to a radio station, on a negative or positive frequency and channel. When like attracts like, our emotions are magnetic, we can connect with people who are on the same wave length or struggle to connect when we are on different frequencies.

Energy, Frequency and Vibration: We can all transmit or radiate a low or high energy, frequency and vibration. For example, when a mum can see and feel her child is anxious, they transmit their energy and frequency when there on anxious FM!, giving off a negative vibration. Like when we meet somebody for the first time who is confident and charismatic, we can connect, picking up their positive energy, frequency and vibration when their on Positive FM!.

The 3rd Eye: Insight – We Have 3 Eye’s > 2 To Look With and 1 To See!

The 3rd Eye: Is said to be the seat of the soul. Known as the pineal gland, the 3rd eye is a small gland located deep in the center of the brain. The third eye also allows for clear thought, spiritual contemplation, and self-reflection. It is the highest chakra in the physical body, allowing perception beyond ordinary sight. Insight can mean we have 3 eye’s, 2 to look with and 1 to see! They say, we have 3 eye’s, With our 3 brains synergistically working together, our 3rd eye can allow us to use our intuition, switching on and tuning in, exercising a deeper awareness, using our heart-mind intelligence. 6th Sense > Insight & Vision: Along with our 3rd eye, our 6th sense, we can see from within using our insight, creative imagination, intuition and vision.

A Technology & Information Age


Human Technology > The Laptop Analogy: Imagine the screen of the laptop is like our conscious mind, and under the keyboard is our internal hard drive and operating system, downloading information, data, images and videos that can impact and powerfully influence our everyday life. Many of us without a virus protection, unaware of the external negative influences and how to chuck out the trash, delete, delete, lacking emotional awareness and how to upgrade our bright response software on our internal hard drive, developing our heart mind intelligence, improving our ability to respond.

Thought Infections & Mind Viruses > Stress-Fear Based – Mind Programming: A product of our environments, experiencing the world through our senses and the potential social conditioning through headucation, growing up in this technology and information age, many of us can be sucked out in to the external sensory vacuum. Victims to stress and fear based mind programming through negatively influence of violent video games, sexualization, aggressive lyrics and negativity of gangster rap music, the glorified alcohol and drugs and violence through the movies.

Inner-Sense > Imagination > Vision: The dysfunctional and reactive programming, like an infectious and contagious virus of negative energy, attitude and behavior. This can keep many of us on a low energy, frequency and vibration, robbing our inner-sense, our ability to sense from within, manipulating our imagination and controlling our vision, impacting the human collective consciousness.