5G Technology – The New Elephant In The Room!

Technology – EMF’s > Low Energy Electromagnetic Frequencies: The truth is with EMF’s, like the boiling frog effect, 3G and 4th generation technology, the subtle effects of low energy electromagnetic frequencies and radiation, many of us are unaware of electromagnetic sensitivity and the negative impact of EMF’s over time. Now with the roll out of 5G, the 5th generation technology, our exposure will sky rocket 24/7 around the clock. It’s time to become more aware of the invisible forces of EMF’s and access protection.

Body Voltage: Excessive exposure to technology and EMF’s can disrupt our electromagnetic energy system, causing many negative reactions such as fatigue, low energy, tension, irritability, frustration, brain fog, short attention span, lack of concentration and focus, aggressive outbursts, insomnia, poor sleep, high body voltage, weakening our immune system and more. If unaware of how to protect ourselves, EMF’s can potentially cause serious harm, having a profound effect on our wellbeing and long term health.

Feeling Ungrounded > Stuck In Our Heads: The reality is, many of us are leading a more sedentary lifestyle and not moving our bodies. Adding to the daily stress and pressures of life, the information overload and over stimulation from technology can leave us feeling ungrounded and stuck in our heads. EMF’s: Along with spending excessive time on technology, we are now experiencing over 100 million times more EMF’s, low energy electromagnetic frequencies radiation than that of our grandparents’ generation. The truth is many of us are unaware of the negative effects of EMF’s that are all around us. Cell towers, wireless Wi-Fi, plasma TV screens, microwaves, domestic appliances, power tools and technology such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets and devices, are becoming a greater part of our everyday lives. 

Tested & Proven: These 2 pictures represent a before and after test on a male subject holding a live cellphone (not calling). Pic 1 shows body voltage and low energy in the subjects energy system. Pic 2 shows the positive energy boost from a power pendant for personal protection, looking more clear and in balance.

EMF Protection > Energy Healing Technologies

There are many powerful healing technologies and EMF protection products embedded with crystals and a fusion of technologies such the earth’s frequency, Schumann Resonance. Tesla scalar waves and zero point energy, personal healing solfeggio frequencies and Wilhelm Reich, vortex technology, along with the natural minerals of Shungite. Allowing you to detox the negative effects of low energy frequencies, body voltage and many other negative reactions to EMF’s, feeling more balance and harmony in your life. Naturally raising your energy, frequency and vibration, giving you the feel good factor 24/7.

You can check out YOUTUBE for the many free ways to reduce the EMF’s we can experience in our homes and around us, but most importantly get protection from EMF’s and source EMF products from around the world.


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  • Feel a Positive Sense of Calm / Improve Concentration and Focus for Learning.

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