BoxWize Challenge World Record Events: In 2001 I participated in a 16 hour non stop World Record Boxathon Event organised by prison staff, Neil Almond, John Wolfe and Governor – Alan Horner of the Everthorpe prison, raising money for their down syndrome charity. Working With the Everphorpe team In March 2002, I was motivated to design and create the 28 Hour Non Stop BoxWize Challenge World Record Event at the Princes Quay Shopping Center in Hull. Then moving on to create a BoxWize 48 Hour Non-Stop World Record Event in 2003 with over 500 participants, along with a BoxWize Fun, Fitness & Skills Challenge, raising money for charities and financial support for amateur boxing clubs.

Boxing World Title Training Camps: Working with my good friend Mike Pratt, coach and mentor to world class athletes and Olympic Champions, we set up world title training camps, working with Steve Pollard on the Paul Ingle vs. Prince Naseem Hamed. Paul ‘The Hunter” Ingle went on to become 2 times world champion in the gym, IBO and IBF Feather Weight World Boxing champion. Paul was a great friend and a humble champion and would often come into the schools to support my work with BoxWize. Mike and I also worked with Darky Smith, setting up the world title training camp for Stevie Smith vs. Ricky Hatton, that was a crazy one! Stevie Smith went on to win the IBC and IBF Light Welterweight World titles.


With a background as a professional boxer and vast experience, working in entertainment over many years, putting on music events, BoxWize world record events and boxing world title training camps, my passion is to bring events that can empower and inspire people to release their true potential.