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BoxWize is a product of The EnergyWize University Of Life. You can access a BoxWize Intro Session with your EnergyWize Skills Program or just learn to BoxWize, developing your foundation and go next level!

Release Stress / Control Aggression / Boost Energy / Recharge Focus

Learn To BoxWize – Release & Recharge!

Book your BoxWize introductory session then take your BoxWize Skills to the next level!Learning the boxing fundamentals with a holistic approach, to release stress, control aggression, boost energy and recharge focus. Get your BoxWize Skills Custom Designed Program. Levels 1, 2, 3 and advanced. Certificates of achievement are available

BoxWize can provide a flexible service for personal development, street and mainstream youth projects. Schools, teachers, athletes, families, corporate business and sports team building programs. Facilities: Delivered at Legends Family Training Centre, West Edmonton or at your home, school, business or a facility of choice.

Ages 8 to Adults Of All Ages

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None Contact – Gloves & Kit Provided

The Tree Of Life

  • Grounding / Base & Footwork
  • Core Stability / Strength
  • Technique / Flexibility & Flow

Get Your BoxWize Introductory Session!

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  • Switch On, Tune In Warm Up!
  • Get a step-by-step guide: Base, Footwork & Technique
  • Skills Drills / Focus Pads & Punch (Release) Bags

Get Your BoxWize Skills Custom Designed Program

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Develop your BoxWize Skills Foundation – level 1, then move on to level 2, 3 and advanced.

  • Improve Your Base / Footwork / Technique
  • Develop Full Body Strength / Mindful Movement And Flow
  • Combo Builders / Skills Drills / Switching Base
  • Focus Pads / Punch (Release) Bags / Combat Skills

Release Stress / Control Aggression / Boost Energy / Recharge Focus

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  • Youth Projects / Schools / Teachers
  • Families / Corporate Business
  • Professional Athlete’s / Sports Teams
  • Develop The 3 C’s: Confidence / Communication & Connection

Certificates of achievement are available

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I certainly believe that Carl’s program has without doubt played a huge part in preventing young people I have cased managed from re-offending.

Steve Hepworth, Police Officer 933, Hull Youth Justice Service, UK

Our client group is varied but predominantly 13 to 15 year old, hard to reach, disengaged young people, not in education, employment or training. Carl is an inspirational speaker who speaks from experience and is living proof that people can turn a negative into a positive and produce amazing results.

Mike Murray (Coordinator), Taboo Youth Initiative, UK