Detaching From Technology – Feel Your Feet On The Ground 

Now we know more about the energy, frequency and vibration all around us. From the human resonance, earth’s frequency, to Tesla scalar waves and zero point energy, solfeggio frequencies and positive Organite energy, we can see how EMF’s, low energy electromagnetic frequencies are blocking our potential to access these energies.  We can see how technology, the World Wide Web and the information super highway can can inspire us and expand our awareness but it’s also be a great distraction. Most of us are on our phones, head phones plugged in, switched on and tuned in to social media, a constant grip of influence on our lives that can unground us, sucking us out into the constant sensory pleasure vacuum. It’s never been a more important time to detach from technology and plug in to the earth. Earthing or grounding as it’s called is becoming a growing trend as more and more of us weather permitted! Take our shoes off and get out bare feet onto the earth, get in the garden or out in nature, allowing the earths frequency and peaceful vibes to come up in to your body, like a tree reconnecting with its roots. A great way to calm the nervous system, self-regulate and power up!

The Power Of Breath – Get Out Of Your Mind!

Mindfulness and meditation are more popular than ever, learning different ways to get us out of our mind, using breathing and directing our attention and awareness into our body, developing mind-body connection. The Power Of Breathe! Wim Hof, known as the Ice Man, is renowned for developing the power of breathe, creating simple a simple 30 set breathing technique, you can access on YouTube. I use and share his breathing techniques, a great way to ground and feel present. Walking and physical activity are a great way to learn to ground, exercising full-body strength, developing a strong foundation. Like the tree of life that can weather any storm, which I teach through step 4: Release, my BoxWize concept, learning the boxing fundamentals with a holistic approach.