Stress: Harnessing The Powerful Energy Within: Over my 25 years of studying stress, I’ve been fascinated with human behavior, observing how the invisible force of stress and the many negative reactions to it can have a powerful influence on our mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. Through my own life experience and the results and success of my work, I began to have some understanding of this process, and started sharing my perception that stress is a powerful energy that can be harnessed. Our struggles are our strengths, and adversity brings opportunity to grow. In my own life, I’ve kept moving, going through the process, developing my positive energy, focus and passion for life.

Dealing With Our Thoughts, Feelings and Emotions: Stress is a perception for sure, and I see stress as dealing with our thoughts, feelings and emotions, when experiencing the demands, pressures, problems, issues and challenges of life. Stress as become a greater part of everyday life, the demands and pressures of school, the peer pressure to fit in, hormones, identity, work related, developing relationships, technology systems and financial stress in a future world of uncertainty. Experiencing too much stress can lead many of us to struggle to process through our emotions such as confusion, sadness, anxiety, frustration, anger, grief and more. We are living in an age of AI, I like to call IT, Artificial Thinking, influencing excessive thinking, over sensitivity, having a big impact on our mental health.

Our Human Biology and Human Technology is One. Human Biology: Our Old Caveman Software > Freeze, Flight, Fight: Through lack of exercise or movement, many of us can be stuck in our heads struggling to deal with our thoughts, feelings, emotions and excessive processing, experiencing our old reactive caveman software. Our emotions having a direct effect on our physical body, the fear of the potential invisible woolly mammoth called stress can lead us to Freeze: shut down when overwhelmed by a situation. Flight: run away and avoid our problems or issues. Fight: physically confront the situation, losing control of our frustration or anger. Fawn: people pleasing, hiding behind our feelings and emotions when experiencing uncomfortable situations.

Without a Positive Release and Process, our stress and emotions can build up inside, leading us to experience many negative reactions. Our right brain switching off, we can struggle to absorb sensory information, use listening skills, experiencing poor concentration and focus. Feeling tired, fatigued, anxious, becoming disengaged and emotionally withdrawn. Through our body language, our energy, attitude and behaviour, struggling to keep the lid on emotions, frustration or anger, emotionally acting outHowever, Stress Can Be Positive, when we learn to deal with the difficulties of life, take on a mental task or a physical challenge, we can experience the exercise of processing through our thoughts, feelings and emotions, turning negative energy into a positive outcome, experiencing a sense of achievement and valuable skills for life.

Caveman Had a Release: Fear > Response: The caveman was constantly on the move, burning off excess energy, adrenaline and cortisol, learning to shift from reaction to response, developing the ability to respond. When experiencing great stress and danger, he would learn to stay calm and present, using strength, strategy and skills to overcome the challenge of the woolly mammoth, harnessing his skills to live, hunt and survive and feed the family. The woolly mammoth analogy is useful to illustrate that no matter how great the stress and pressures are in life, we need to learn to manage our thoughts, feelings and emotions, our energy in motion, as we develop our ability to respond.

Choice > React Or Respond

Life can test us everyday in many different ways and when experiencing life’s stress, demands and pressures, dealing with our thoughts, feelings and emotions, we have a choice to react or respond.

Q: Check Yourself! When Managing Stress, Which Do You Do More?

Negative Reactor

The Biology Of Behaviour: Our Reactive Caveman Software – Stuck In Our Heads > Freeze / Flight / Fight / Fawn

Are You a Reactor – A Stress Collector: Are you a reactor, a stress collector that can often struggle to process your thoughts, feelings and emotions, letting stress build-up inside?

Positive Responder

Our Human Technology: Our Bright Response Software – Emotional Awareness > Heart-Mind intelligence

 Are you a Bright Responder: Do you deal with the way you feel, exercising your ability to respond, processing your thoughts, feelings and emotions when managing stress?

Now let’s move on to Part 3: What’s Your Positive Release > Activating Human Technology, looking at developing positive energy, emotional awareness and heart-mind intelligence.