Part 4 Questionnaire: Recognizing Negative Reactions > Staying In Your Power will take you through a stress and self-awareness questionnaire, guiding you through a step by step guide to recognizing negative reactions to technology and EMF’s, low energy electromagnetic frequencies. Learning to recognize negative reactions to stress in yourself and others around you. Managing negative reactions in the moment, recognizing and releasing unprocessed reactions from your past and old patterns of behaviour from your past, learning to stay in your power. There are 40 questions that will give you the self-awareness to recognize the negative reactions in yourself, family, friends or other people around you. Take your time to go through the process and revisit the questionnaire to help you to make a personal shift.

Human Technology > Upgrading Our Heart Response Software: The Recognizing Negative Reactions > Staying In Your Power Questionnaire will give you a powerful foundation and framework, learning to move from reaction to response, staying in your power, upgrading our human technology and heart response software on our internal hard drive and operating system!.

Be Honest With Yourself > Feel More Empowered and In Control: Try to be honest with yourself as uncomfortable as a may be. This is a process that can help you or the people around you to feel more empowered and in control, letting go of old habits and patterns of behaviour, helping to make a great shift in your life or the lives of the people around you.


Adults, Parents, Teachers, Coaches and Mentors > Modelling Response: Now we are aware of the key areas to developing positive energy, improving emotional awareness, heart health and mental strength, as adults, parents, teachers, coaches and mentors we can make our own personal shift, modelling response, supporting our children and future generations to come.

Download Pdf Questionnaire: Recognizing Negative Reactions To Stress > Staying In Your Power