Whilst boxing professional around 1995, training at high intensity, constantly pushing the limits to improve my fitness, strength and endurance levels, struggling with my immunity I would often feel run down, catch a cold or get the flu. Looking at alternative health, going to see a naturopath my world opened up to holistic medicines and alternative therapeutics. Retiring from boxing in 1997, developing BoxWize and creating EnergyWize University Of Life, an holistic approach to stress management and skills development, and being a sportsman, coach and mentor for over 30+ years, I was inspired to share my perspective, developing this FREE Measure Your Immunity Stress Test. Going through a stress and self awareness process, allowing you to make powerful changes in life, helping you to feel more in control, empowering your health, wellbeing, positive mental energy and focus.

In the current climate of viruses, experiencing seasonal flu, influenza, corona viruses with over 100’s of strains or the kinds, can bring us down, take our energy and negatively impact our immune system. Our body being our vehicle, learning to drive through life, our immunity is like our internal battery that may need recharging from time to time, taking proactive measures to maintain, develop and build strong immunity, allowing us to enjoy the journey. It’s so important to take proactive measures to assist and support our health and wellbeing, developing and building strong immunity.

Developing and Building Strong Immunity will take you through 4 Parts, giving you the self awareness to take control, taking you through 4 key Parts;

Part 1: 4 Key Areas: 1. Human Biology > 2. LifeStyle choices > 3. Human Technology > 4. Technology – EMF’s

Part 2: Measure Your Immunity – Strong / Average – Low / Weak – Vulnerable

Part 3: Great Ways to Develop and Build Strong Immunity

Part 4: Proactive Self Care – Alternative Medicines / Healing Theraputics

PART 1: 4 Key Areas

1. Human Biology > 2. LifeStyle choices > 3. Human Technology > 4. Technology – EMF’s

1. Human Biology: Old Reactive Caveman Software – Stress, Fear > Negative Reactions: Learning to manage stress, recognizing reaction from response is key to life’s journey. Without A Positive Release For Stress: the demands and pressures of life can be overwhelming, struggling to manage our thoughts, feelings and emotions, energy in motion, many of us can get stuck in our heads, exercising our old reactive caveman software. Experiencing the stress, fear, worry or anxiety of the invisible wooly mammoth or sabre tooth tiger, we can caught up in the Freeze, Flight, Fight or Fawn.

Freeze: shutting down and unable to move through experiences. Flight: running away and avoiding our problems or challenges or Fight: triggered, over intense, losing control of our frustration or anger. Fawn: people pleasing or giving our power and control to an external authority or influence. Challenged to process our thoughts, feelings and emotions can lead to stress build-up, causing many Negative Reactions To Stress. Such as becoming emotionally withdrawn, caught in a reactive mind loop, experiencing worry, anxiety or depression. Emotionally acting out, passing on the way we feel, or pleasure seeking through junk food, alcohol or recreational drugs. Switching off, experiencing poor listening skills and memory.

2. Lifestyle Choices: Positive Release For Stress > Nutrition > Positive Energy – Mindset: Becoming more aware of our human biology and behaviour, it’s important to make the right life choices. Learning to exercise a positive release for stress-build up, through movement and exercise such as fitness, a martial arts and sports. Learning mindfulness, breath work and how to feel grounded and calm in our everyday life, along with getting good sleep and positive energy intake through nutrition and water, can help develop and build strong immunity. Developing positive energy and focus for life.

3. Human Technology: Bright Response Software > The Ability To Respond – Heart Mind Intelligence: Now we are aware of our 1. human biology, stress, reactions and baviour, and 2. making the right life style choices, when we have a positive release for stress through exercise, especially holistic, like a martial art, yoga or developing our skills in sports, we can activate our human technology, our electromagnetic energy system and flow. Thoughts Electric > Emotions Like Frequencies: Developing body awareness and improving our mind-body connection, we can learn to switch on and tune in, improving all brain function, critical thinking thinking and emotional awareness. Moving from reaction (The Head – Our Human Biology) to response (The Heart – Our human Technology), upgrading the bright response software on our internal hard drive, we can develop our ability to respond, using heart-mind intelligence, learning to process through the challenges and demands of everyday life more successfully, we can improve our heart health and mental strength.

4. Technology Management: Negative Influence > EMF’s Awareness: Electromagnetic Frequencies: It’s important to be aware of low energy electromagnetic frequencies from our TV’s, phones, devices with current 5G radiation impacting our nervous/sensory system, our electromagnetic energy system and flow. With excessive use of technology, devices and unaware of 4G/5G cell towers around us, without protection, EMF’s can negatively impact our immune system, causing many negative reactions such as potential electro sensitivity, body voltage, agitation and fatigue. With the negative influence and mind programming through technology, video games, aggressive and violent movies, our children are more vulnerable. With EMF’s having a negative impact on their nervous system and immunity, also experiencing poor concentration, melt downs, angry outbursts and human biology disfunction .

Part 2: Measure Your Immunity

Strong Immunity / Average – Low Immunity / Weak – Vulnerable Immunity

Part 1: as given you the self awareness, looking at the 4 key areas. Giving you an insight into understanding stress, our human biology and human technology being one, and the key areas of your life you can change to help you boost, develop and build strong immunity. Combating a current climate of viruses, stress and fear that can lead to low > average immunity. In this technology and Information Age, more of us can be experiencing excess stress, not moving our bodies, stuck in our heads, leading an unhealthy lifestyle. Through unforeseen circumstances, poor lifestyle choices, injury, illness and longterm medication, many people are experiencing a weak > vulnerable immunity. Let’s move on to Part 2: Measuring Your Immunity. Below is a simple and effective way to measure your immunity levels.

Strong Immunity: Many of us experience strong immunity through exercising a positive release through movement, fitness and sports and healthy lifestyle choices, getting good sleep, mindfulness and nutrition, feeling calm and grounded. Stress Management: Exercising our ability to respond and not react to the stress, demands and pressures of life, developing our positive energy, we have more potential to achieve success in our education, life, a career or sports.  Developing and building strong immunity, the awareness of the negative influences of technology and protecting ourselves from low energy EMF’s, electromagnetic frequencies is key to combating and aiding recovery from viruses and foreign invaders, improving our wellbeing, confidence and focus for life.

Average to Low Immunity: can be developed over many years, through lack of exercise and bad habits. Lacking exercise and movement, and the inability to process through the stresses of everyday life. Excessive use technology and devices, stuck in front TV, brain drained and demotivated. Experiencing many negative reactions to stress buildup, such as anxiety, lack of sleep, eating excessive junk food, smoking cigarets, binging on alcohol or taking recreational drugs. Experiencing Average to Low Immunity can over time contribute to a weak and vulnerable immunity.

Weak and Vulnerable Immunity: An Average to Low Immunity Lifestyle can over time lead to experiencing many negative reactions stress and making poor life choices. Unfortunate accidents, injury or unforeseen circumstances can bring our natural immunity down, with many people becoming addicted to prescription drugs, leading an unhealthy lifestyle and going down the road of long term ill health, experiencing weak and vulnerable immunity. Making positive changes with our lifestyle choices, can allow us to take the daily steps to develop and build strong immunity over time, transforming your life.

Part 3:

Great Ways To Develop And Build Strong Immunity

 Great Ways To Develop And Build Strong Immunity

Getting a good measure of your immunity level, if Strong, Average > Low or Weak > Vulnerable, below gives you the key areas that can help you create great change, improving your daily habits, over time developing and building strong immunity.

  • Release Stress: Exercise / Movement / Sports
  • Technology Management / 5G EMF’s Awareness > Protection
  • Good Nutrition & Water Intake / Moderate Junk Food & Sugar Drinks
  • Good Sleep > Recharge Your Battery
  • Meditation > Breath Work
  • Stress Management Skills > Improving Reaction > Response
  • Self-Control: Alcohol / Recreational Drugs Management
  • Moving From Prescription Drugs > Alternative Medicines / Therapeutics

Part 4:

Health Care > Pro-Active Measures For Strengthening Immunity 

Prevention Rather Than Cure: Mainstream medicines can play a role in recovery from physical injury or ill health but in today’s world people are becoming more aware and educated, seeking natural medicines and alternative therapeutics.  Proactive with self health care, developing, building and maintaining strong immunity, learning to combat viruses and foreign invaders, in today’s busy, stressful and demanding times. Staying healthy, bright, energized and focused for life.