Stress Build-Up: Without a positive release and process for stress, negative emotions such as fear, anxiety and anger can build up inside, causing disruptions and blocks in our electromagnetic energy system and flow. Experiencing many negative reactions such as feeling emotionally withdrawn, tense, tired, poor-concentration, loss of focus, fatigue and  disengagement. Negative reactions can show through our body language, effecting our energy, attitude and behaviour, many of us emotionally acting out, struggling to keep the lid on our emotions and passing on the way we feel.

Stress and Self Awareness Process: Originated as EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique, the TapWize – 2 Minute Stress Buster will take you through a stress and self awareness process, giving you a step by step guide on how to use your finger tips to perform a tapping technique on specific stress relief and positive energy points on the body. Learning to unblock and release negative emotions and stress, boosting  your positive energy system and flow.

Improve relaxation and focus for:

  • Education and Study
  • Management and Sales
  • Business Meetings and Presentations
  • Fitness and Sports Performance

The Tap & Boost can help free your mind for a good night’s sleep to feel recharged for the day!

The TapWize Boost – 10 step Instruction Guide Card: All group members will receive an easy-to-use Tap & Boost 10 Step Guide Instruction Card. Group members will be motivated to complete the Tap & Boost 7 day Challenge for a total mind and body boost.

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