The EnergyWize Skills Program – 5 Steps To Success

For over 25 years I’ve been successfully developing and designing skills programs for corporate business, sports teams, youth projects and alternative learning. The EnergyWize Skills Program, will guide you through the 5 Steps To Success, motivating and empowering you to develop the skills to manage life’s stress and everyday pressures, learning to overcome the obstacles and challenges in life, education and in the workplace. Releasing inner potential through the 5 Steps to Success, developing positive energy and focus for the future.

The 5 Steps To Success

  • Grounding – Learning to ground in today’s world of excess technology.
  • Nutrition – Understanding the basics of how to get your positive energy intake.
  • Awareness – Learning to see stress in a new light, recognizing Reaction from Response.
  • Release – Learning to control, release and channel emotional stress and physical energy positively through mindful movement.
  • Tools – Accessing the tools to self regulate and combat stress, developing heart health and mental strength.

The EnergyWize University Of life can design an EnergyWize Skills Program to suite your needs, providing a service for;

  • Personal Development / Athlete’s
  • Corporate / Sports / Family Team Building
  • Mainstream Schools
  • Youth Projects / Alternate Learning Program

On completion of The EnergyWize Skills Program, all participants will receive a certificate of achievement.

You can access Guest speaking or create your EnergyWize Skills Program, accessing any combination of the 5 steps.