Inspired through my work, I started writing this poem around 1997.

                                                BE ENERGYWIZE – YOUTH STRESS GUIDE

Life is busy and stressful
At school and each day
There’s many negative influences
That can lead you astray

Alcohol, drugs and crime
Negative behaviour on TV
Aggression and violence
It’s hard to feel free

Mobile phones, computer games
Driving you insane
Electromagnetic frequencies
Zapping your brain

Feeling switched off
Feeling tired inside
The build-up of negative stress
You have nowhere to hide

Often frustrated and tense
Wound up inside
The fear, the worry
You’re not enjoying the ride

Passing on your feelings
Making others feel sad
Passing on your anger
Making others feel mad

Bullying without thinking
You can act big and strong
But you know deep down really
What you’re doing is wrong

Carrying your negative energy
Around with you each day
You must learn to channel it
In a more positive way

You need to switch on
Tune in and get Wize
Find a new focus
To release and recharge

Running and hockey
Athletics and football
Boxing and rugby
Soccer and netball

With your positive release
You’re letting it all go
Releasing your stress
You will now learn to grow

You’re eating healthy for power
Feeling fuelled for the day
You’re sharpening your focus
And letting nothing in your way

Taking time out
To free your mind
Talk about your feelings
Leaving the past behind

Releasing your inner potential
Feeling confident and free
Taking on life’s stress
Developing your positive energy

                                                                  DEVELOPING POSITIVE ENERGY AND FOCUS

                                                By Carl Heath – The Wize Warrior