Get Your Positive Energy Boost: The StressWize Tap & Boost integrates both the StressWize Guide and TapWize Tap & Boost through 2 phases, giving you a unique perspective into stress and powerful tools to help self-regulate in times of stress. Providing personal development or interactive presentations for athletes, sports or business teams, for children aged 10 to adults of all ages. Learn to boost your positive energy flow for life, empowering your personal growth, improving leadership and team building skills.

  • Personal Development > Athletes / Online Service
  • Schools > Teachers
  • Sports & Business Teams
  • Groups of Up to 20 People / Larger Groups

Delivered Local In Edmonton, Canada and Surrounding Areas

Delivery: Private sessions or group presentations can be delivered at your home, school, business or a facility of choice.

  • Mornings / Afternoons / Evening – 2 Hour Presentations / 2 Separate 1 Hour Sessions
  • Business Bite / Lunch & Learn – 2 Separate Sessions >  45 Minute or 1 Hour Sessions

The Tap & Boost – 10 Step Guide Instruction Card

On completion of the StressWize Tap & Boost, all group members will receive an easy-to-use Tap & Boost 10 Step Guide Instruction Card. Group members will be motivated to complete the Tap & Boost 7 day Challenge for a total mind and body boost, using the Tap & Boost as a positive tool for everyday life.

For more information about the EnergyWize 5 Steps to Success, how to book an introductory session, presentation or  create your own EnergyWize Skills Program, contact Carl on 5879838920 or email