Part 1

PART 1: Human Biology > Human Technology – What Is Stress? – Reaction VS Response

Is Our Electromagnetic Energy System Interconnected To The Electromagnetic Universe and Flow?

Human Biology > Human Technology: Imagine our human biology and human technology being one. Our thoughts electric and our emotions like frequencies, and that our electromagnetic energy system is intricately interconnected with the electromagnetic universe. Then upgrading the software on our internal hard drive and operating system, we can learn to move from reaction to response, from the head to the heart, then learning to switch on and tune in to the universal flow of potential.

We Are Living In A Technology Information Age – Ungrounded, Are Many Of Us Stuck In Our Heads?

The Electromagnetic Information Super Highway: We are living in a technology information age, and through the world wide web, at the touch of a finger we can access the electromagnetic information super highway. With inspiratology as I like to call it, we have the ability to switch on and tune, accessing the many inspirational teachers, conscious leaders, coaches, business educators,  powerful tools, brain power and healing technology. However, many of us can be experiencing information stimulation overload, sucked out into the external sensory vacuum, ungrounded in a world of excessive processing, many of us can be stuck in our heads. With technology becoming more addictive, over exposure to EMF’s, low energy electromagnetic frequencies, through mobile phones and other devices, many of us can be unaware we can be experiencing electro sensitivity, disrupting our own personal electromagnetic energy system and flow. The zapping effects of EMF’s can lead to us experiencing low body voltage, fatigue, agitation and negative reactions such as aggressive outbursts, experiencing a short attention span, poor concentration, disruptive sleep patterns and more.

Food > Frequency > Negative Reactions > Behaviour

It’s said by many holistic food experts that food as a frequency and can have a negative or positive effect on our energy, frequency and vibration. It’s important to get the essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals and energy to help us to deal with the demands and pressures of life, allowing us to manage the many challenges that may come our way throughout the day. In today’s world of processed, junk food, high sugar and other toxic kind of foods and drink, along with all the allergies and other negative reactions, foods can have a powerful effect our energy, attitude and behaviour, when experiencing brain fog, hyperactivity, poor immunity and more. Along with developing an healthy eating habits, learning to stay hydrated, drinking plenty of water throughout the day can help us to keep life flowing.

Our Electromagnetic Energy System & Flow – Chakras and Meridians

Our mental, emotional and physical body is made up of energy chakras, which are like radio stations that are interconnected with our energy channels and flow called Meridians. Current research indicates that our thoughts are electric and our emotions are like frequencies, and that information, thoughts and feelings transmit and channel through our electromagnetic energy system and flow. Our Chakras and Meridians pass through all our major organs such as: heart, lungs, stomach, liver and kidneys, which can have a large impact on our health.

The 3 Brains: The Head / The Heart / The Gut Instinct

New studies also show that we have 3 brains that can all synergistically work together. The Head: Is the master of processes such as thinking, perception, cognition and language. The Heart: Is where we feel emotion, where we intrinsically process our deep emotions, develop our values and the way we feel about relationships. The Heart based language center’s on “I feel” or on the expression of the deep emotions and values that lie in the heart brain. The Gut Instinct: Here we find our core identity, also responsible for safety and protection. Our gut is extremely important in upholding our immune system, but it also takes care of self-preservation, fear, anxiety, mobility and action. We can experience our gut instinct when we have a gut feeling, tuning into a situation, picking up negative or positive vibes or making an important decision from a gut feeling. We can experience our gut instinct when we have a gut feeling, tuning into a situation, picking up negative or positive vibes or making an important decision from a gut feeling.

The 3rd Eye: Insight – We Have 3 Eye’s > 2 To Look With and 1 To See!

The 3rd Eye: Is said to be the seat of the soul. Known as the pineal gland, the 3rd eye is a small gland located deep in the center of the brain. The third eye also allows for clear thought, spiritual contemplation, and self-reflection. It is the highest chakra in the physical body, allowing perception beyond ordinary sight. Insight can mean we have 3 eye’s, 2 to look with and 1 to see! They say, we have 3 eye’s, With our 3 brains synergistically working together, our 3rd eye can allow us to use our intuition, switching on and tuning in, exercising a deeper awareness, using our heart-mind intelligence.

Influence – Experiencing The World Through Our Senses – Reactivity

We are products of the many environments we can experience when growing up. The many influences around us such as family, friends, teachers, coaches and role models can have a big impact on how we learn, and how we develop our energy, attitude and behaviour. Advertising and media channels using subliminal messaging and hidden cues, designed to influence how we think, feel and behave. Richard Brodie’s audio series “VIRUS OF THE MIND”, released in 1996, looks at the science of the MEME, and the power of thought infections and mind viruses in today’s world of technology and sensory programing. Along with potential negative reactions to technology and EMF’s, experiencing the world through our senses, many of us can be consumed by TV, news, media, movies glorifying alcohol, drugs and violence. Children with easy access to reactive behaviours through violent video games, gangster rap, aggressive lyrics, verbal abuse, sexualization and more.  Like an infectious, contagious virus, many of these negative influences can have a powerful influence on our human biology and human technology, and how we think, feel and see the world.

The Low Energy Reactivity Cycle: Happiness is an inside job! Experiencing the world through our senses, many of us can be sucked out in to the external pleasure vacuum, developing addictive behaviours such as; alcohol/drug abuse, pornography, gambling, aggression/violence and more. A low energy reactivity cycle that seems to be cycling out of control, with a mental health crises that is burdening hospitals, rehab clinics and the justice system.

Our Inner World: The Biology Of Belief – Our Hearts Deeper Knowing

Growing up we need to become aware of our human biology and inner world that as so many dynamics that can impact our energy, attitude and behaviour. Our mind body connection; the human brain, our left and right hemispheres and whole brain functions. How stress can effect our brain waves, our endocrine, sensory and nervous system. The four primary neuro-chemicals in the brain that can effect our happiness: dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins. Learning to manage our hormones and the balance of our masculine and feminine energy, our deeper desire’s and sexuality. Through our human biology we can develop a belief system based on what we see, feel and learn to trust throughout life experience. Left & Right Brain; Many of us growing up can become more dominantly in the left brain of logic and language more than in the right brain, which is more creative and activated through rhythm and movement. The right brain is more connected to our hearts, successful at reasoning, managing our emotions, deeper issues and problem solving. This is why physical movement is key growing up for activating both left and right brain, whole brain function that helps us to improve executive functioning skills, exercising mental tasks such as time management, planning, organization, self control with flexibility and perseverance. Spending more time in our left brain can challenge our critical thinking, many of us unaware we can be experiencing  cognitive dissonance, resistant towards changing our beliefs or behaviours.

Your Body Is Your Vehicle: Our body being our vehicle for life, through our human biology we can learn to understand our internal dynamics, mechanics and all the mod cons that can help us to stay in control. Keeping our hands on the steering wheel, mindfully navigating through the many challenges, we can develop our energy and confidence to enjoy the ride and get the best out of life. The electronics in our vehicle, like the stereo, GPS … can help us more to understand our human technology, activating our electromagnetic energy system and flow. Learning to switch on and tune in, through our intuition and internal guidance system, experiencing a deeper knowing we can learn to live more from our hearts moving through life with more passion and purpose.

Stress Overview – Reaction VS Response

What Is Stress? Can Stress Be Negative And Positive

What Is Stress? There are many myths around stress and its effects, an invisible force that as now become a greater part of our everyday life. However, the fact remains that without some stress none of us would even get out of bed!. Stress is dealing with our thoughts, feelings and emotions, our energy in motion, when experiencing the demands, pressures, problems, issues, challenges or even adversity in life. Financial stress can be the most challenging stress for adults, the day to day workload, employment, finding a career and purpose. There are only so many hours in the day, and there is the need to run the home, maintain relationships, support the family, provide for children, and realize your own potential as a fully rounded person.  This can feel like a great demand! Children can experience sibling rivalry, bullying at school, education with all its expectations. Family difficulties can lead to a broken home, separation and trauma from past life experience, developing fears we can carry into the future. Fear can lead many of us to often feel anxious, easily overwhelmed and consumed by life’s stress and events. External circumstances such as a loss of a friend or family member, a physical accident, illness, taking medication or other circumstances can also contribute to the intense stress levels that need to be managed. The constant use of alcohol or drugs can lead to abuse and addiction, loss of hope, direction, homelessness or even prison, with many people getting lost in the system.

Stressful thoughts can generate various emotions that can evoke sensations and feelings such as confusion, sadness, anxiety, frustration, anger, grief and more. Positive Stress can be taking on a mental task, in our education or going through a creative process to complete a project, managing the stress and our emotions we can feel a sense of accomplishment. Taking on a physical challenge, developing new skills for exercising, competing in athletics, martial arts or sports, feeling positive pressure we can learn to manage pressure, emotions and high intensity, winning, experiencing a great sense of achievement, or overcoming a loss to learn and grow. The truth is stress is a perception and how we approach situations, whether it’s a problem, issue or a challenge, stress can be a driving force for life, a powerful energy that can be harnessed over time. Positive Release: Learning to control, release and channel our emotional stress and physical energy positively is key. Going through the process, like recycling our energy, we can experience a positive feedback loop that can inspire us to conquer our goals; whether in our careers, family-lives, a martial art or sporting achievements.

Moving From Reaction to Response

Biology Of Behaviour

Reaction – The Stuck Mind: Amygdala Brain: The Reactor – Freeze, Flight, Fight / Old Caveman Software

Stress has been around since caveman. When hunting to eat and survive, the caveman would experience the threat, fear and danger of confronting the woolly mammoth, just like many of us that can experience over whelming stress in today’s world. Experiencing a physical reaction and exercising the amygdala brain, the caveman would be caught up in the freeze, flight or fight reaction. Freeze; the caveman would be overwhelmed and potentially killed, like many of us who can shut down and feel powerless under certain circumstances. Flight, the caveman would get away to hunt another day, just like when we can feel uncomfortable dealing with life’s issues, we look to avoid. Fight, the caveman would exercise resistance and aggression, often losing the fight for not being bright. Stuck in the reactive mind of Freeze, Flight and Fight in todays world, is like running the old caveman software on our internal hard drive and operating system.

Our Human Technology

Response – An Open Mind: Prefrontal Cortex Brain: The Bright Responder > Heart Mind Intelligence

If we can imagine, through experience the caveman could learn to be bright, developing the skills and strategy to overcome the woolly mammoth, getting his next meal, with the energy and confidence to survive and thrive through all the daily challenges that life would bring. Like in today’s world of learning to manage all the different dynamics of stress, we can recognize our problems and issues not as a threat or danger but as a process for our thoughts, feelings and emotions, that can allow us to learn, develop and grow.

Moving From Reaction > Response: When we learn to understand stress recognizing reaction from response, we can change our perception, exercising our self-awareness with an open mind. Dealing with the demands, pressures and challenges of everyday life, when experience stress, knowing there is no threat or danger, just a process, our amygdala brain can open a channel to our prefrontal cortex brain, were critical thinking can occur. The hypothalamus within the brain, plays a vital role in our mind-body connection, managing our endocrine system, the stress centre where we can feel challenged to manage our emotions. Learning to exercise our ability to respond, we can develop our emotional awareness and heart mind intelligence, upgrading our human technology.

Stress Build-Up > Disruptions in Our Flow

When we experience too much stress without a positive release and process, our emotions can build up negative energy inside, causing blocks and disruptions in our energy system and flow. Many of us becoming emotionally withdrawn, experiencing tension, fatigue, disengagement, burnout, poor-concentration, loss of focus and loss of joy. We can develop a negative attitude, becoming easily triggered, emotionally acting out we can pass on the way we feel, often struggling to control our temper and anger. The negative reactions to stress can have a powerful influence on our energy, attitude and behaviour, affecting our mental, emotional and physical wellbeing and ultimately our long term health.

Our Heart Is Our Electromagnetic Processor – The Electromagnetic Universe – We Are Transmitters & Receivers

Our heart is our electromagnetic processor and plays the major role in our electromagnetic energy system that is interconnected to the electromagnetic universe and flow. With our thoughts electric and our emotions like frequencies, the universe is like a radio with stations, and we humans are transmitters and receivers. Switching on and tuning in, many of us can be unaware when we are on a low frequency, on negative FM, confused FM, anxious or sad FM, victim FM or angry FM?. Our heart being our electromagnetic processor, when we become aware of our emotions, learning to process through life experience. Developing our ability to respond and heart mind intelligence, we can power our intention, changing the channel, switching on and tuning in to positive FM,  appreciation FM, gratitude FM, kindness and Love FM! Like transmitters and receivers putting out positive frequencies into the universe. It is s said that 432 Hz is the natural frequency of the universe, the cosmic channel to tune in to for healing powers and to increase our energy flow. Supporting our ability to co-create and manifest what we want to attract in to our life.

Healing Technologies – Upgrading Our Heart Response Software

Tesla Say’s “ If You want To Know The Secrets of  The Universe, Think In Terms Of Energy, Frequency and Vibration”.

For many of us open to going through the process of healing, peeling off the deeper layers of the onion and freeing our past, there has never been a greater time in the history of humanity to upgrade the software on our internal hard drive and operating system. There are so many amazing free energies and healing technologies around us that have been around since the early 1900’s. Through the information super highway, we have access to many great spiritual teachers, conscious leaders, workshops, seminars, natural therapies, powerfultechnologies, sound healing, positive mind programming and positive energy tools from across the world to improve personal growth.Natural ways to boost our energy, frequency and vibration, supercharging our electromagnetic energy system and flow. When we connect to the earth, we can feel grounded through the earths Schumann Resonance, accessing Tesla Scalar Waves and Zero Point Energy to release stress and disruptions in our flow. Learning to use Solfeggio Frequencies for personal healing, we can elevate our conscious awareness. Then there is positive orgonite that can help clear disruptions in the atmosphere, improving our connection to the electromagnetic universal flow. There is a self-help revolution, a whole new world of healing and ways to reprogram our brains. Learning to install and upgrade our heart mind intelligence response software on our internal hard drive and operating system, boosting our electromagnetic energy system and flow and our connection to the universal flow of potential. It’s a great time to feel alive!.